About ASNA

We are a tribal nonprofit health and social services organization.

Our Mission – Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people of the Arctic Slope.

Our Vision The people of the Arctic Slope are healthy and content.

Our Values – With guidance and support from elders, our organization will be guided by the values of the Iñupiat people of the Arctic Slope. These Iñupiat values are:

Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Utuqqanaanun, Allanun, Iñuuniaġvigmun ~ Respect for Elders, Others, and Nature

Iļagiigñiq ~ Family Kinship and Roles

Aviktuaqatigiigñiq ~ Sharing

Iñupiuraallaniq ~ Knowledge of the Language

Paammaaġigñiq ~ Cooperation

Piqpakkutiqaġniq ~ Love and Respect for One Another

Quvianġuniq ~ Humor

Aŋuniallaniq ~ Hunting Traditions

Niglikkutiqaġniq ~ Compassion

Qiñuiññiq ~ Humility

Paaqłaktautaiññiq ~ Avoidance of Conflict

Ukpiqqutiqaġniq ~ Spirituality

Our Purpose –

  • Respond to the needs and priorities of the eight recognized tribal councils, as determined by those councils,
  • Encourage, support and foster each council’s abilities to do those things that they can do for themselves,
  • Enhance and promote the self-respect, pride and well-being of the Native members of the Arctic Slope region,
  • Represent and be an advocate for Arctic Slope Natives and the tribal councils of the Arctic Slope region authorized by those councils and organizations.